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    Ready for ambitious goals – especially when they promote sustainability

  • REMONDIS in the Netherlands – this is so much more than a business simply carrying out recycling, service and water activities across the country. It is a business that actively contributes towards promoting sustainable development each and every day.

  • One of the Green Deal targets: a max. 30 kilos of residual waste per person per year

  • Thanks to their dedication and their portfolio of services, our Dutch companies are able to help both local authorities and commercial and industrial firms to achieve the targets set out in the Green Deal initiatives drawn up by the Dutch government and businesses. Our customers not only benefit from the services offered by our local and regional companies but also from the expertise and plant network of the whole of the REMONDIS Group.

REMONDIS Nederland B.V. – Waste management, recycling and more for local authorities and businesses

    • Thanks to REMONDIS Nederland’ in-depth expertise, it is able to operate in many different fields and offer a wide variety of services – from collecting and recycling municipal and business waste, to building, maintaining and renovating pumping stations, all the way through to providing comprehensive sewer services. In the case of the latter, REMONDIS Nederland has been one of the businesses leading the market for many years now.

    In addition to this, the company specialises in handling all types of hazardous waste and delivering specialty niche solutions, such as recycling coffee capsules and nappies. The diversity of its services and the fact that they are all offered by just one company are certainly two of the reasons why an ever growing number of local authorities and businesses are opting to work with REMONDIS Nederland. REMONDIS Nederland currently has two dozen branches located around the country and has a particularly strong network in the Gelderland and Overijssel regions.
    Find out more at remondisnederland.nl

REMONDIS Aqua B.V. – Water management and more

  • REMONDIS Aqua builds, finances and operates industrial wastewater treatment facilities in the Netherlands. What’s more, we also manage material streams to recycle and process sewage sludge.

    Find more at remondis-aqua.nl

REMONDIS PMR B.V. – Recovering precious metals for industrial customers from all around the world

  • REMONDIS PMR is responsible for recovering precious metals from all types of industrial waste and processes. Such waste includes sludge, solutions and alloys as well as electronic components, film, foils and general residual materials. REMONDIS PMR has made a name for itself all around the world thanks to the high quality of its work and its know-how of transporting waste across borders. As a result, its list of well-known international customers is long and includes companies such as BASF, Evonik, Continental and Bayer.

    Find out more at remondis-pmr.nl

BUCHEN-ICS B.V. // FILTRATEC Mobile Slibontwatering B. V – Industrial services for the chemical and petrochemical sectors

    • Based in Rotterdam, BUCHEN-ICS B.V. is an expert when it comes to industrial services. Its main areas of expertise include industrial cleaning work, catalyst handling and cleaning silos. Services, therefore, that are essential for the chemical and petrochemical industry as they not only ensure that the plants function properly and cost effectively but also that they remain safe.

    FILTRATEC Mobile Slibonwatering B.V., which specialises in dewatering sludge, offers its services to a wide range of customers, including well-known companies from the chemical and petrochemical sectors.

    Find out more at buchen-ics.com and filtratec.com

HEROS Sluiskil B.V. – Recovering metal and producing recycled aggregate from IBA

    • Being both the market and technology leader when it comes to treating mineral waste in the Netherlands, HEROS Sluiskil recovers recyclable materials from the incinerator bottom ash (IBA) generated by waste incineration plants and transforms any residual material into high quality recycled aggregate. Both the company’s recycling activities and its products meet the highest quality standards – playing, therefore, an important role in ensuring the national Green Deal for a more sustainable economy is realised.

    One reason for this is most certainly because HEROS Sluiskil is continuously developing new processes to make recycling even more effective. One recent example here is its patent pending MERIT® technology that increases the amount of non-ferrous metals able to be recovered from IBA by up to 15 percent. A whole range of industrial customers – besides the waste incineration plants – benefit from the company’s services. These include metal processors looking for recycled metals as well as firms operating within the construction sector. They, for example, use the high quality recycled aggregate (sold under the brand name granova®) to manufacture products made from concrete. HEROS also operates in Belgium and Luxembourg besides the Netherlands.

    Find out more at heros.nl

HKS Metals – Recycling a whole range of different metals

  • HKS Metals is the largest metal recycling company in the Netherlands. Every year, HKS Metals processes over one million tonnes of ferrous, non-ferrous and WEEE scrap to recover and separate valuable raw materials such as iron, copper and aluminium. These are then delivered to manufacturing plants, e.g. steelworks and metal processors, all around the world. HKS Metals has six business locations in the Netherlands and employs in total around 310 people.

    Find out more at hksmetals.eu

XERVON GmbH – Scaffolding, insulation and surface technology on a grand scale

  • With over 45 years’ experience, XERVON is one of the most respected industrial service providers on the international market. The company’s branches in Terneuzen and Rotterdam deliver a wide range of services covering scaffolding, insulation and surface technology. Thanks to its in-depth expertise of these fields, XERVON is a highly sought-after partner, especially within the chemical and petrochemical sectors. Here, for example, the company’s customers include Dow, Trinseo, BASF, Covestro, Evonik, Air Liquide, Kronos, Lanxess und Borealis. With a workforce of over 240 employees, it is well known for being extremely flexible – enabling it to take on all projects, no matter how large or how small they may be.

    Find out more at xervon.nl

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