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the future

REMONDIS is one of the world's largest recycling, service and water companies. With over 30,000 employees and around 900 business locations on 4 continents, the group serves more than 30 million people and many thousands of companies. The highest levels of quality. Working for the future.

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    • Thinking sustainably, acting sustainably

      REMONDIS in the Netherlands – this is a particularly good match as sustainable development plays such a vital role at our company. We’re very happy to act as a role model in a nation of role models.


    • REMONDIS’ companies in the Netherlands

      A variety of REMONDIS companies operate in the Netherlands providing their customers with a wide range of services. From classic waste management, to recovering precious metals, all the way through to industrial cleaning work – we do it all.


    • A look at our work

      Our world of recycling

      A full range of services for people & the environment

      Water management services

    • REMONDIS – a few facts & figures

      A career with & for the future

      International activities

      Read our company magazine online

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    Here on remondis.nl you'll read all about the activities, plants and subsidiaries of REMONDIS a global leader in recycling, service and water. Let's go

  • Looking for information about REMONDIS Argentina?

    Just click ahead and find all you need to know. After a change of name to REMONDIS PMR, REMONDIS Argentina has moved to remondis-pmr.nl

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